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Visits and protocol

General information about visits

Requesting a visit

Given the heightened level of interest in Eurojust from legal professionals and law students, applicants are kindly requested to fill in the visits form two to three months in advance.

For additional information, please contact us at:
EUROJUST • Conference and Events Management Sector
Johan de Wittlaan 9 • 2517 JR The Hague • The Netherlands
Tel: +31 70 412 5710 • Fax: +31 70 412 57 15

The Conference and Events Management Sector replies to each application in writing, whether to confirm the date requested for the visit or to suggest an alternative if the date requested is not available. Given the sensitive nature of Eurojust’s core business and the limited availability of meeting rooms, not all requests can be honoured. In addition, due to Eurojust's operational needs, we regret that visits may be cancelled at the last moment.

Please note that you are requested to send, two weeks before the visit at the latest, the list of participants, together with their identity card or passport details. In addition, it is essential that the Conference and Events Management Sector is given the contact details of the group leader to be able to contact him or her at any time.


Visits are organised for groups of between 5 and 20 persons. The organisation of a visit for more than 20 persons can cause difficulties; as a result, larger groups are accepted only in exceptional circumstances and solely upon prior written request to the Conference and Events Management Sector.

Participants must be over 18 years of age.

Because of the specific nature of the activities of Eurojust, priority is given to groups of legal practitioners or university law students; the Conference and Events Management Sector cannot accept groups below university level.

To ensure fair access for visitors to Eurojust, the Conference and Events Management Sector will allow a maximum of two visits for any organisation within a calendar year.

Each group must be accompanied by a group leader whose contact details are to be provided to the Conference and Events Management Sector in advance.

Visiting times

Visits to Eurojust take place Monday through Friday.

As a general rule, a visit to Eurojust lasts two hours and can be organised either in the morning or the afternoon, depending on availability.

Reception of groups

Because of the specific nature of the programme of visits to Eurojust, visitors are requested to arrive punctually. In that regard, the Conference and Events Management Sector would like to draw visitors’ attention to the fact that the traffic both in and outside The Hague is heavy; there are frequent traffic jams in the mornings both on the motorways and in the capital city.

A staff member and/or the Conference and Events Management Sector will welcome the group of visitors and escort it for the entire visit.

Food and lodging

The City of The Hague website contains useful information on hotel reservations.
Visits do not include lunch at Eurojust. However, the Conference and Events Management Sector can provide details of restaurants catering for groups.

Finding the premises

Eurojust is located at Johan de Wittlaan 9​, 2517 JR The Hague, The Netherlands (see How to find us).

Should you need car parking space, please contact the Conference and Events Management Sector. An attempt will be made to accommodate your request.

The Conference and Events Management Sector will be glad to provide any additional information required and looks forward to welcoming you to Eurojust.

Visitor information

  • Visitors are subject to security screening upon arrival;
  • Visitors are advised to arrive 15 minutes before the start of their visit due to the security check and visitor registration process;
  • All visitors are requested to bring a valid photo ID or passport for identification purposes;
  • Visitors are issued with a visitor badge/sticker, which should kept visible at all times while visiting Eurojust;
  • Upon advance request, visitors may be granted access to the Eurojust parking garage;
  • Visitors have a possibility to store their belongings in lockers during their visit;
  • Eurojust does not allow filming or photography anywhere on its premises, without the prior approval of the Head of Security;
  • Eurojust has strict security measures with regard to access to its buildings; visitors are requested to comply fully with the instructions given to them by security personnel or the escorting staff member; and
  • Eurojust’s premises are monitored by CCTV cameras.