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News and announcements


​Eurojust news and announcements posted in 2019 are listed below.​

  • Eurojust and OLAF discuss operational cooperation

    17 / 12 / 2019As a follow-up to the annual meeting between Eurojust’s President, Mr Ladislav Hamran, and OLAF’s Director-General, Mr Ville Itälä, in July of this year, today a Eurojust College meeting was devoted to exploring ways of improving operational cooperation between the two bodies... read more

  • Are you a practitioner in need of judicial assistance?

    10 / 12 / 2019Publication of joint report by Eurojust and the European Judicial Network that provides advice on where to turn The Assessment of allocation of cases to Eurojust and to the European Judicial Network was published today on both the Eurojust and European Judicial Network websites. The report was drafted to assist practitioners, Eurojust and the EJN in assessing which institution should be allocated a particular case... read more

  • Eurojust gets European award for contribution to judicial and investigative journalism

    25 / 11 / 2019Eurojust has received the European Award for Judicial and Investigative Journalism 2019, during a ceremony in Naples, for its contribution to the fight against organised crime and mafia-style organisations. The award was handed to Eurojust Vice-President and National Member for Italy Mr Filippo Spiezia, by the Association of the European Award for Judicial and Investigative Journalism... read more

  • More cooperation and inclusion to better protect EU citizens

    22 / 11 / 2019​On 22 November, the Heads of the nine EU Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) agencies met at Europol’s headquarters in The Hague. The discussions focused on the implementation of the New Strategic Agenda 2019-2024, the state-of-play of the interoperability project and the common efforts in reinforcing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.... read more

  • Tackling audio-visual piracy by improving the sharing of expertise with industry

    21 / 11 / 2019​Eurojust, Europol and the Audiovisual Anti-Piracy Alliance (AAPA), representing the industry of protected audiovisual content, have joined forces to improve the sharing of expertise to tackle audio-visual piracy via IPTV networks.... read more

  • Eurojust’s support to cybercrime practitioners

    15 / 11 / 2019How do you apply legal provisions, drafted for traditional crime, to criminality reflecting a globally connected cyber-environment? Many prosecutors are grappling with this challenge. The seventh plenary meeting of the European Judicial Cybercrime Network (EJCN), held on 14 and 15 November at Eurojust, addressed that issue and many others... read more

  • Hungarian Minister of Justice visits Eurojust

    14 / 11 / 2019H.E. Ms Judit Varga, Minister of Justice of Hungary, today met with Ladislav Hamran, President of Eurojust, László Venczl, National Member for Hungary, and H.E. Mr András Kocsis, Ambassador of Hungary to the Netherlands... read more

  • EU Agencies join 10-year anniversary of EU’s Fundamental Rights Charter

    12 / 11 / 2019The nine EU Justice and Home Affairs Agencies are marking the 10-year anniversary of the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights by pledging to continue to respect, promote and protect fundamental rights throughout their work, including ensuring that their work always complies with the Charter. ‘Criminal justice across borders can only be achieved through the rule of law and with full respect for fundamental rights, said Ladislav Hamran, President of Eurojust... read more

  • Mr Klaus Meyer-Cabri re-elected as Vice-President of Eurojust

    05 / 11 / 2019Mr Klaus Meyer-Cabri, National Member for Germany at Eurojust, has unanimously been re-elected as Vice-President today... read more

  • Cooperation Agreement between Eurojust and Albania enters into force

    31 / 10 / 2019The Cooperation Agreement between Eurojust and the Republic of Albania will enter into force on 1 November, all requirements regarding data protection having been fulfilled.... read more

  • Addressing access to cross-border electronic evidence in the EU

    25 / 10 / 2019The third annual SIRIUS conference took place on 23 and 24 October 2019 at Europol. This two-day joint event, co-organised by Eurojust and Europol, gathered over 300 judicial and law enforcement authorities from 40 countries, as well as representatives from Google, Microsoft, eBay, Cloudflare and Twitter, to address issues and challenges when conducting Internet-based investigations... read more

  • Judicial practitioners take in-depth look at backgrounds of terrorist convicts at EU conference

    24 / 10 / 2019The fight against terrorism can benefit from gaining more insight into the broader background of terrorist convicts. Knowledge of their main motivations and psychosocial factors are of crucial importance in the prevention of terrorism and to prepare the return of ex-convicts to civil society. It can help as well for judicial practitioners to make their assessments for risk interventions and of ongoing cases and be beneficial to staff in prison and probation service... read more

  • Stepping up judicial cooperation against cybercrime

    18 / 10 / 2019Prosecutors General from across the European Union gathered today at Eurojust to explore avenues of more effective judicial cooperation in the digital world and decide how to best ensure criminal justice in cyberspace. The Member States’ representatives agreed on the importance of the implementation of practical measures, such as the ongoing project on Digital Criminal Justice, to cope with the challenges that cybercrime and digitalisation pose to investigations and prosecutions... read more

  • ‘Twenty Years after Tampere’: Statement of Eurojust President Ladislav Hamran

    15 / 10 / 2019Today, exactly twenty years ago in Tampere, Finland, the European heads of state and government took the important decision to step up judicial cooperation between EU Member States. With this decision, they gave the green light for Eurojust - initially starting in a few offices in Brussels but now operating from The Hague, the City of Peace and Justice. In those twenty years, we have taken great steps to combat cross-border crime and improve cooperation... read more

  • Estonian Justice Minister voices support for Eurojust

    09 / 10 / 2019Mr Raivo Aeg, the newly appointed Minister of Justice of the Republic of Estonia, accompanied by a high-level national delegation, met today with Eurojust’s President, Mr Ladislav Hamran, and other Eurojust representatives, to express his country’s strong support to Eurojust’s continuing fight against transnational criminality... read more

  • Statement of Eurojust President Hamran on outcome of JHA Council

    07 / 10 / 2019I warmly welcome the conclusions of today’s Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) Council in Luxembourg and the strong support the Ministers are giving to Eurojust. The Council fully acknowledges our important role in the EU’s security and justice chain and our need for adequate funding. Member States are more and more relying on Eurojust, resulting in an annual increase of new Eurojust cases of more than 20%. We can only continue to provide the Member States with hands-on, practical support when we have sufficient resources at our disposal... read more

  • New Finnish Minister of the Interior learns about Eurojust during visit

    03 / 10 / 2019Ms Maria Ohisalo, who was just appointed Minister of the Interior of Finland in June of this year, visited Eurojust today. She attended presentations on the work and role of Eurojust, met with the President of Eurojust, Mr Ladislav Hamran, the Administrative Director, Mr Nick Panagiotopoulos and the National Member for Finland, Ms Lilja Limingoja... read more

  • Criminal Justice in the Digital Age

    27 / 09 / 2019Digitalisation rapidly transforms our world and has profound effects on criminal justice in the European Union. Eurojust, together with the Finnish EU Presidency, the General Secretariat of the Council of the EU and the European Commission, are co-organising an event, Criminal Justice in the Digital Age, free of charge and open to all interested stakeholders and the media. The event will take place on 10 October at the Council premises, Rue de la Loi 175, 1048 Brussels, from 14:00 -17:00. This event will provide an opportunity to reflect on the need for digitalisation of criminal justice cooperation in Europe and possible available solutions.... read more

  • Bulgarian Prosecutor General presents reinforced National Desk

    19 / 09 / 2019​The Bulgarian Prosecutor General, Mr Sotir Tsatsarov, visited Eurojust today to express his strong support for its role in combatting serious cross-border crime. The purpose of the visit was also to present to Eurojust’s President, Mr Ladislav Hamran, the reinforced Bulgarian National Desk at Eurojust, with the recently appointed Deputy National Member, Mr Viktor Tartchev.... read more

  • Invitation to a press conference at Eurojust

    16 / 09 / 2019Eurojust invites you to a press conference on a major operation this coming Wednesday 18 September at 12:00 at its premises in The Hague (Johan De Wittlaan 9, 2517 JR The Hague, Netherlands). We will be able to provide you with further details shortly before the press conference on Wednesday... read more

  • Visit Eurojust during The Hague International Open Day

    29 / 08 / 2019​Eurojust is proud to participate again this year in The Hague International Open Day. Our doors will be open to pre-registered members of the public on Sunday 22 September from 11:00 to 17:00. This is a once-in-a-year opportunity to look behind the scenes at one of the agencies in The Hague, City of Peace and Justice. ... read more

  • Farewell to Piia Vottonen, National Member for Finland

    31 / 07 / 2019Piia Vottonen, who officially took up her duties at Eurojust in August 2015 as the National Member for Finland, has returned to Finland to work as Special Prosecutor for drug crime and organised crime... read more

  • World Day against Trafficking in Persons

    30 / 07 / 2019#JusticeDone Nine human traffickers sentenced to total of 33 years in prison. Human trafficking is one of the most heinous crimes dealt with by Eurojust. The number of cases taken on by Eurojust has risen starkly over the years, to a total of nearly 350 in 2018. In one compelling case last year, Eurojust helped the national authorities of the United Kingdom and Latvia to bring down a ruthless organised crime group involved in cross-border modern slavery... read more

  • Fast justice: Conviction in France within 4 hours with the help of Eurojust

    26 / 07 / 2019A good example of efficient cooperation at Eurojust led to fast justice delivered by a French court this week. A Dutch citizen was on trial for cocaine trafficking in France. The defendant stated that she was a first-time drug trafficking offender. This defense strategy would mean she would only get a probationary conviction... read more

  • Eurojust-EJN Joint Note on the practical application of the EIO

    15 / 07 / 2019Eurojust and the European Judicial Network joined forces to publish ‘The Joint Note of Eurojust and the European Judicial Network on the practical application of the European Investigation Order’ in June 2019 to support the work of national authorities dealing with European Investigation Orders... read more

  • Winning the fight against fraud

    12 / 07 / 2019Participants in an OLAF–Eurojust high-level meeting, which took place yesterday, agreed that early contacts to form joint investigation teams, as well as an increase in the number of coordination meetings between Eurojust National Members and investigators from the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), will lead to a higher success rate in fighting crimes against the EU’s financial interests ... read more

  • Landmark ruling on the European Arrest Warrant

    12 / 07 / 2019In a headline-grabbing judgement on 27 May 2019, the European Court of Justice ruled that German public prosecution offices may no longer issue European Arrest Warrants since they were found not to have a sufficiently independent status. The ruling, which has immediate and far-reaching implications for the daily interaction between judicial authorities, immediately spurred Eurojust into action... read more

  • Step forward against illegal migration

    10 / 07 / 2019The 2nd EU-Egypt Dialogue on Migration brought together in Egypt high-ranking officials from international and EU organisations and representatives from the Egyptian government to join forces against the ever-evolving challenge of migrant smuggling. The participants agreed to strengthen their operational and strategic cooperation by taking a series of coordinated actions in origin, transit and destination countries... read more

  • Farewell to Laima Čekelienė, National Member for Lithuania

    04 / 07 / 2019Eurojust sadly bids farewell to the National Member for Lithuania, Ms Laima Čekelienė, who, after 11 years at Eurojust, is returning to Lithuania to finish her prosecutorial career, dealing with matters of international cooperation... read more

  • Maria Schnebli, first Liaison Prosecutor for Switzerland, returns home

    27 / 06 / 2019​Maria Schnebli, who joined Eurojust in March 2015 as the first Liaison Prosecutor for Switzerland, will depart at the end of July. She will be rejoining the Attorney General’s Office in Berne, supervising all international corruption investigations, and leading some investigations herself.... read more

  • Justice for victims of MH17 crash: the role of Eurojust

    20 / 06 / 2019​The downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 on 17 July 2014 in Ukraine, and the tragic loss of 298 lives, led to a lengthy forensic and criminal investigation. ... read more

  • Spanish Justice Minister stresses importance of Eurojust’s coordinating role

    18 / 06 / 2019​The Spanish Minister of Justice, Ms Dolores Delgado Garcia, expressed her strong support for Eurojust today during her visit to its premises in The Hague... read more

  • Tackling cybercrime through joint investigation teams

    07 / 06 / 2019On 5-6 June, experts on joint investigation teams from national authorities and EU institutions met at Eurojust to explore how to effectively deal with these obstacles in cybercrime investigations and maximise the potential of joint investigation teams to address this growing security concern... read more

  • Eurojust’s role supported by Justice and Home Affairs Council

    06 / 06 / 2019Mr Klaus Meyer-Cabri, Vice-President of Eurojust, participated in the Justice and Home Affairs Council in Luxembourg to contribute to the discussions on future developments in the fight against cross-border crime... read more

  • Strengthening the fight against mafia networks

    04 / 06 / 2019A high-ranking delegation of the Italian Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission met today with the President and Vice-President of Eurojust to reinforce the strategic cooperation in the fight against mafia groups and transnational organised crime... read more

  • Stepping up the fight against doping

    27 / 05 / 2019Experts from anti-doping organisations and EU agencies gathered today for a conference in Budapest, the Sport Capital of Europe 2019, to strengthen their cooperation in fighting doping and the trade of illegal doping substances. The participants sent a powerful message to criminals all over the world by stressing the importance of international collaboration in stopping the supply and suppliers of doping substances... read more

  • XXVII anniversary of the assassination of Giovanni Falcone, Palermo, Italy

    23 / 05 / 2019Statement by Filippo Spiezia, Vice President of Eurojust and National Member for Italy at Eurojust... read more

  • Digital Justice: a must in the 21st century

    16 / 05 / 2019Eurojust at NADAL conference: EU judicial cooperation requires appropriate funding Eurojust Vice President Klaus Meyer-Cabri underlined the importance of a rapid introduction of an EU wide Digital Justice infrastructure, at the NADAL network meeting of Public Prosecutors of the Supreme Judicial Courts of EU Member States in Tallinn today... read more

  • EU Justice Commissioner Jourová visits Eurojust

    14 / 05 / 2019​Ms Věra Jourová, European Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, met today at Eurojust with President Ladislav Hamran to discuss efforts to strengthen the fight against cross-border crime and budgetary matters.... read more

  • Swedish Home Minister expresses support for Eurojust during visit

    14 / 05 / 2019​​Mr Mikael Damberg, Swedish Minister for Home Affairs, visited Eurojust today, expressing his support for the EU’s Judicial Cooperation Unit. ... read more

  • The European Union takes a stand against cybercrime

    05 / 04 / 2019Judicial practitioners from across Europe gathered at Eurojust, the EU’s Judicial Cooperation Unit, for the 6th European Judicial Cybercrime Network (EJCN) plenary meeting, to strengthen the fight against ever-evolving threats posed by cybercrime​​... read more

  • Justice meets culture

    21 / 03 / 2019Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union at Eurojust On the occasion of the first Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, Eurojust, the EU’s Judicial Cooperation Unit, hosted an event bringing together high-ranking Romanian officials and Eurojust representatives. The event was organised at Eurojust’s premises in The Hague in cooperation with the Romanian Embassy in The Hague and the Romanian National Desk at Eurojust ... read more

  • Interview with Raivo Sepp, former Eurojust National Member for Estonia

    07 / 03 / 2019On the bittersweet occasion of the departure of Raivo Sepp after 15 years at Eurojust, an interview was conducted to reflect on his many contributions to Eurojust’s success... read more

  • Counter-terrorism: New Paris Public Prosecutor visits Eurojust

    15 / 02 / 2019Yesterday, Mr Rémy Heitz, appointed Procureur de Paris in November 2018, visited Eurojust. He is responsible for the prosecution of all common law offenses committed within the jurisdiction of Paris, and the prosecution of all national terrorism and cybercrime cases... read more

  • Eurojust President welcomes the European Parliament vote on cooperation agreement with Georgia

    14 / 02 / 2019​Today, the European Parliament voted in favour of the signing of an agreement of cooperation in criminal matters between Eurojust, the European Union's Judicial Cooperation Unit, and Georgia, the first agreement ever to be concluded with a State of the South Caucasus region. The agreement, if subsequently approved by the Council, will unlock the possibility of a more robust exchange of information in criminal investigations between the two parties.... read more

  • Justice in Europe and the Mediterranean

    30 / 01 / 2019Eurojust is pleased to host the second meeting of the EuroMed Forum of Prosecutors General at its premises in The Hague on 30 and 31 January. The goal of the EuroMed Forum is to enhance international judicial cooperation between EU Member States and Southern partner countries (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, , Morocco, Palestinian Authority and Tunisia)... read more

  • First Europol/Eurojust report on encryption observatory function

    28 / 01 / 2019Today, Eurojust published the 1st joint Europol/Eurojust report of the observatory function on encryption to support police and judiciary, when dealing with the use of encryption in criminal cases.The report responds to the need for an observatory function on encryption, to continuously assess the impact of encryption on criminal investigations... read more

  • EU Agencies committed to strengthening the fight against intellectual property crime

    24 / 01 / 2019Today, the Heads of EU Justice and Home Affairs Agencies came together at Eurojust, the EU’s Judicial Cooperation Unit, for the 2nd high-level meeting on a joint strategy related to intellectual property crime, to strengthen interagency cooperation against IP crime and agree on new roles and concrete actions... read more

  • Step forward against migrant smuggling in the Mediterranean

    23 / 01 / 2019Today and tomorrow, in Rome, the Seventh European Union Naval Force Mediterranean (EUNAVFOR MED) Shared Awareness and De-confliction in the Mediterranean (SHADE MED) FORUM (the Forum) is bringing together military, judicial and police experts from various countries and organisations to better coordinate their actions against migrant smuggling and organised crime in the Mediterranean. The Forum’s participants are sharing their knowledge and best practice... read more

  • Now open: latest call for applications for financial assistance to JITs

    09 / 01 / 2019As part of Eurojust’s mission to stimulate and improve the coordination of investigations and prosecutions in cross-border criminal cases, the latest call for proposals for financial assistance to joint investigation teams (JITs) is now open... read more