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News and announcements


​Eurojust news and announcements posted in 2018 are listed below.​

  • EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator, FRA and Eurojust join forces against child trafficking

    30 / 11 / 2018​​On 28 and 29 November, the European Agency for Fundamental Rights, in close cooperation with the European Commission (EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator’s Office), brought together at Eurojust, the EU Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation, experts and partners from across the European Union to enhance prevention of trafficking of EU children... read more

  • 33 EU Court of Justice rulings on the European Arrest Warrant

    29 / 11 / 2018Today, Eurojust has published its 2018 Overview on the Case Law of the Court of Justice of the European Union on the European Arrest Warrant. It is a practical guide for the use of EU Member States’ judicial authorities that are involved in the judicial response to cross-border crime. It can facilitate the consistent and effective application of the EAW throughout the European Union... read more

  • First joint investigation team between France and Moldova

    29 / 11 / 2018Yesterday, the first joint investigation team agreement between the French Republic and the Republic of Moldova was signed at Eurojust. Delegates from the Interregional Specialised Jurisdiction of Rennes, France, and the Moldovan Public Prosecutor’s Office reached this important agreement to set up a JIT that will support the Europe-wide investigation ... read more

  • Combating genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes

    23 / 11 / 2018​On 14 and 15 November 2018, more than 120 experts and high-level delegates from EU Member States and international organisations gathered at Eurojust to exchange valuable knowledge and experience in investigating and prosecuting cases of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes (core international crimes)... read more

  • Use of information collected from the battlefield

    16 / 11 / 2018EU and US counterterrorism experts meet at Eurojust. On 14 and 15 November 2018, Eurojust hosted an international event with a focus on how information seized from the battlefield can be used in prosecutions of terrorist acts and members of terrorist organisations and used as admissible evidence in civilian courts. The meeting brought together police, prosecutors, military and intelligence counterterrorism experts from both sides of the Atlantic... read more

  • 5th plenary meeting of the European Judicial Cybercrime Network

    13 / 11 / 2018On 8 and 9 November, the European Judicial Cybercrime Network (EJCN) plenary meeting brought together cybercrime experts from all over Europe at Eurojust to discuss old and new challenges in the area of cybercrime and possible ways of improving cooperation at transnational level... read more

  • PACED Prosecutors Forum

    08 / 11 / 2018Prosecutors from Portuguese-speaking States at Eurojust On 6 and 7 November, the PACED project brought together at Eurojust the PACED Prosecutors Forum with members from all Portuguese-speaking States to facilitate and build up the consolidation of the rule of law in Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe (the PALOP States) and Timor Leste (the PACED States)... read more

  • Ministerial conference of the IPA II Project

    31 / 10 / 2018Countering serious crime in the Western Balkans. Yesterday, the Ministerial Conference of the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA II) 2014-2020 (IPA II Project) took place in Brindisi, Italy. Attending on behalf of Eurojust was Mr Filippo Spezia, Vice-President and National Member for Italy... read more

  • Estonian Prosecutor General at Eurojust

    18 / 10 / 2018Today, Ms Lavly Perling, Prosecutor General of the Republic of Estonia, met with Mr Ladislav Hamran, President of Eurojust, in The Hague to discuss the future relationship of Eurojust with the European Public Prosecutor’s Office as well as opportunities for closer cooperation and better information exchange between EU Member States in criminal matters... read more

  • Visit to Eurojust of Romanian Ambassador

    12 / 10 / 2018On 10 October, Ambassador Brândușa Ioana Predescu, Minister Plenipotentiary of Romania to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, paid her second official working visit to Eurojust. Hosting the visit were Ladislav Hamran, President of Eurojust, and Daniela Buruiana,... read more

  • Eurojust Vice-President at Forum on Cross-Border Organised Crime

    04 / 10 / 2018The fight against terrorism and trafficking and smuggling of migrants, drugs and firearms were the focus of the 19th International Forum for Prosecutors on Fighting Cross-Border Organised Crime, which took place in Lisbon, Portugal, from 2 to 4 October... read more

  • Joint statement of Eurojust and the Commission

    04 / 10 / 2018Judicial cooperation: Eurojust and the EC welcome the vote in the EP on the reform of Eurojust. Today, the European Parliament approved the reform of Eurojust, the EU agency responsible for judicial cooperation... read more

  • Experts stress the importance of intensified judicial cooperation to tackle migrant smuggling

    04 / 10 / 2018Today, Eurojust, the EU Agency for Judicial Cooperation, published its third experts report on migrant smuggling, which summarises the findings of the experts meeting on migrant smuggling held at Eurojust in May of this year... read more

  • Meeting of the Apostolic Nuncio with Eurojust representatives

    02 / 10 / 2018Last week, H.E. Mgr Aldo Cavalli, Apostolic Nuncio to the Kingdom of Netherlands, met with representatives of the College of Eurojust. It is the first time that a representative from the Holy See pays an official visit to Eurojust... read more

  • EU Careers Fair, 18 October 2018

    27 / 09 / 2018Global Careers, the leading provider of Online Careers Fairs has teamed up with leading EU institutions and bodies, including Eurojust, to host the European Union Careers Fair... read more

  • Top French terrorism prosecutor visits Eurojust

    26 / 09 / 2018Yesterday, Eurojust hosted the visit of Mr François Molins, Chief Prosecutor of Paris. He met with the French Desk, led by Mr Frederic Baab, National Member, as well as Mr Ladislav Hamran, President of Eurojust, Mr Nick Panagiotopoulos, Administrative Director, and Mr Vincent Jamin, Head of the Operations Department... read more

  • European Investigation Order: experts meet at Eurojust

    25 / 09 / 2018On 19 and 20 September, practitioners from all over the European Union, as well as Eurojust College Members and staff, representatives from the Council, Commission and academia, met at Eurojust in plenary sessions and workshops to discuss potential problems and challenges related to the functioning of the EIO... read more

  • Eurojust cooperation with Uzbekistan

    07 / 09 / 2018​Yesterday, the ambassador of Uzbekistan in Belgium, Dilyor Khakimov, along with high-ranking representatives from the Uzbek Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO), met in The Hague with the President of Eurojust, Ladislav Hamran. The objective of the meeting was to discuss bilateral and multilateral cooperation, and strengthen the relations between the two parties... read more

  • UK visit to Eurojust

    18 / 07 / 2018​Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions at the Crown Prosecution Service of the UK, met today in The Hague with Ladislav Hamran, President of Eurojust.... read more

  • Strengthening global judicial cooperation

    10 / 07 / 2018On 10 July, the President of Eurojust, Mr Ladislav Hamran, hosted a visit by the Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism (UNOCT), Mr Vladimir Voronkov... read more

  • Eurojust and OLAF exchange views on enhanced future cooperation

    06 / 07 / 2018On 4 July, the President of Eurojust, Mr Ladislav Hamran, hosted a visit of the Acting Director General of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), Mr Nicholas Ilett. The visit was organised to exchange views on the current and future cooperation between the parties... read more

  • High-level meeting between Eurojust and FRA

    06 / 07 / 2018On 5 July, the President of Eurojust, Mr Ladislav Hamran, met with the Director of the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), Mr Michael O’Flaherty... read more

  • Strengthening judicial cooperation in the Mediterranean: Visit of Libyan delegation

    04 / 07 / 2018​On 3 July, Eurojust hosted the visit of a Libyan delegation composed of senior representatives of the Ministry of Justice which was facilitated by the European Union Border Assistance Mission (EUBAM).... read more

  • Handbook on controlled deliveries to support the fight against cross-border crime

    28 / 06 / 2018On 6 June, the Council of Europe’s Pompidou Group launched a new online handbook on controlled deliveries. The handbook was developed in cooperation with Eurojust, Europol, INTERPOL, the OSCE, SELEC and PC-OC... read more

  • Eurojust assists in Global Airport Action Days

    27 / 06 / 2018Between 18 and 22 June, more than 140 people were arrested in 61 countries in an action that involved over 200 airports and 69 airlines worldwide... read more

  • Eurojust report on judicial cooperation in new psychoactive substances

    20 / 06 / 2018The new Eurojust report on the Current situation in judicial cooperation in new psychoactive substance and (pre)precursor cases focuses on the recent developments in Member States’ legislation, casework and operational experience with regard to the investigation and prosecution of new psychoactive substance (NPS) and (pre)precursor cases of a cross-border nature​​... read more

  • Visit of JHA Counsellors to Eurojust

    18 / 06 / 2018On 15 June, for the first time, Justice and Home Affairs Counsellors from 22 Member States visited Eurojust, accompanied by representatives of the Council and the Commission and the Minister of the Permanent Representation of Bulgaria to the European Union... read more

  • Joint statement against trafficking in human beings

    14 / 06 / 2018The heads of ten EU Agencies have renewed their commitment of 2011 to continue to work together and address trafficking in human beings. The Agencies acknowledge the importance of taking a consolidated and coordinated approach to tackle the phenomenon, together with the Office of the EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator... read more

  • Eurojust at the Hungarian Prosecution Service’s Day

    13 / 06 / 2018On the occasion of the Hungarian Prosecution Service’s Day on 12 June, the President of Eurojust, Ladislav Hamran, accompanied by the National Member for Hungary at Eurojust, László Venczl, met with the Prosecutor General of Hungary, Péter Polt, and high-level representatives of the Hungarian government and judiciary at the Palace of Justice in Budapest... read more

  • Eurojust in Montenegro to enhance cooperation with Western Balkans

    13 / 06 / 2018In Podgorica on 11 June, a high-level Eurojust delegation, headed by its President, took part in a conference titled ‘Eurojust and cooperation with third States — Experiences and challenges in the Western Balkan countries’ with the participation of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (fYROM), Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia... read more

  • Making cross-border cooperation easier: JITs Network meets at Eurojust

    08 / 06 / 2018On 6 and 7 June, more than 90 participants, including members of the JITs Network from all the Member States, as well as representatives from Europol, DG Home, DG Justice, the Council of the EU, OLAF, the EJTN, CEPOL and the Council of Europe, attended the 14th Annual Meeting of the National Experts on Joint Investigation Teams, Enhancing the use of JITs: faster, simpler and effective processes.... read more

  • High-level meeting on EL PAcCTO at Eurojust

    07 / 06 / 2018The President of Eurojust met with high-ranking representatives of Argentina, Brazil and Chile in the context of EL PAcCTO (Europa-Latinoamérica Programa de asistencia contra el crimen transnacional organizado). This 5-year programme is aimed at reinforcing the fight against cross border organised crime between 18 Latin American countries and the EU... read more

  • Eurojust and Europol sign Memorandum of Understanding on JIT funding

    04 / 06 / 2018Joint investigation teams are a vital cooperation tool for judicial and police authorities, and funding is essential to avoid the extra costs incurred by the national authorities in fighting complex cross-border crime. Both Eurojust and Europol can provide funding for JITs... read more

  • Keys to disrupting migrant smuggling networks: JITs and close cooperation with third States

    01 / 06 / 2018Migrant smuggling is often part of a lucrative and cruel chain operated by organised crime groups (OCGs) active across national borders. Smugglers are often active in countries outside the EU, with which judicial cooperation can be very difficult. In the period 2015–2017, prosecutors and judges around the European Union referred 189 cases related to migrant smuggling to Eurojust... read more

  • European Money Mule Action (EMMA) week

    31 / 05 / 2018Since 2016, the European Money Mule Action weeks have identified over 2 000 mules, resulting in 400 arrests in actions coordinated by Europol, Eurojust and the European Banking Federation. New targeted cross-border actions are planned for this year... read more

  • Albanian Minister of Justice visits Eurojust President: enhanced cooperation on agenda

    29 / 05 / 2018​On 24 May, Mr Ladislav Hamran, the President of Eurojust, hosted the visit of H.E. Mrs Etlida Gjonaj, the Minister of Justice of Albania, and a high-level delegation. The Eurojust delegation was composed of Mr Hamran, Mr Lukáš Starý, Chair of the External Relations Team, and Ms Solveig Wollstad, member of the External Relations Team.... read more

  • 3rd EU DAY against Impunity

    22 / 05 / 2018The 3rd EU Day against Impunity, organised by the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in close cooperation with the European Commission and the Genocide Network, will be held on 23 May 2018 at the premises of the International Criminal Court... read more

  • Cours de Spécialisation destiné aux Jeunes Procureurs

    08 / 05 / 2018L’inscription au Cours de Spécialisation destiné aux Jeunes Procureurs sur le Droit Pénal International et la Coopération Internationale en Matière Pénale (CSJP) est ouverte! Pour plus d’informations veuillez suivre ce lien... read more

  • EJCN meets at Eurojust to discuss e-evidence initiatives

    04 / 05 / 2018​On 25 and 26 April 2018, the fourth plenary meeting of the European Judicial Cybercrime Network (EJCN) took place at Eurojust. The meeting was opened by the President of Eurojust, Ladislav Hamran. The Bulgarian representative of the EJCN, Ilona Krastenyakova, described the priorities of the Bulgarian Presidency. The meeting, chaired by the Network’s Board, was attended by EJCN members from 22 Member States and Norway as well as representatives from Eurojust, the EJN, the European Council, the European Commission, Europol, the Council of Europe and J-CAT.... read more

  • Visit of Executive Director of CEPOL to Eurojust

    23 / 03 / 2018Detlef Schröder, Executive Director of the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL), visited Ladislav Hamran, President of Eurojust, on 21 March... read more

  • Joint declaration on harassment

    08 / 03 / 2018Together, we the Heads of EU agencies and Joint undertakings commit to zero tolerance towards sexual harassment and we cannot and will not accept harassment of any form in our agencies. We take it upon ourselves to communicate to our staff that harassment in the workplace is never acceptable... read more

  • Judicial cooperation in cybercrime matters: international joint conference

    28 / 02 / 2018This international conference, which will take place at Eurojust on 7 and 8 March 2018, is co-organised by Eurojust and the Cybercrime Programme Office of the Council of Europe (C-PROC) within the framework of the Global Action on Cybercrime Extended (GLACY+) Project... read more

  • Eurojust launches eRecruitment

    27 / 02 / 2018Eurojust has launched its new eRecruitment platform. eRecruitment enables you to view and apply to Eurojust vacancies online and to monitor the status of your applications... read more

  • Eurojust holds information session for Ambassadors

    20 / 02 / 2018Yesterday, 30 Ambassadors and high-ranking embassy personnel, representing the European Union, Norway, Switzerland and Montenegro, visited Eurojust... read more

  • Eurojust President and Vice-President attend meeting of Justice & Home Affairs Council

    29 / 01 / 2018On January 25 and 26, Ladislav Hamran, President of Eurojust, and Klaus Meyer-Cabri, Vice-President of Eurojust, attended an informal meeting of the Justice and Home Affairs Council in Sofia. The meeting was the first to be held under the Bulgarian EU Presidency... read more

  • Eurojust’s President at the 1st EuroMed Forum of Prosecutors General

    25 / 01 / 2018​On 23 January, Ladislav Hamran, President of Eurojust, attended the 1st EuroMed Forum of Prosecutors General, hosted by the Office of the Spanish Prosecutor General, in Madrid... read more

  • New restricted Events portal to be launched in early February

    17 / 01 / 2018Eurojust has adopted a new Events registration tool for meetings... read more

  • Eurojust hosts record number of coordination centres in 2017

    16 / 01 / 2018Eurojust supported large-scale judicial action on European level by hosting 17 coordination centres in 2017, an all-time high since this operational tool was first established... read more

  • Visit of EEAS Counter-Terrorism Experts to Eurojust

    12 / 01 / 2018On 10 January, Eurojust hosted the visit of a large delegation of EU Counter-Terrorism Experts from the European External Action Service (EEAS)... read more

  • Ladislav Hamran appointed White Ribbon Ambassador

    12 / 01 / 2018​EIGE, the European Institute for Gender Equality, is promoting the appointment of White Ribbon Ambassadors within the European Union to join the campaign to pledge their support to eliminating violence against women. Today, Eurojust's President, Ladislav Hamran, was appointed White Ribbon Ambassador... read more