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Eurojust President speaks at the 'Challenges in the Age of Terror' conference


On 26 September 2016, Michèle Coninsx, President of Eurojust, attended the conference, Challenges in the Age of Terror, hosted by the Egmont Royal Institute for International Relations in Brussels. The event addressed the question of European security, and how the different actors of the European Union assist the Member States to tackle the threats posed by both external and home-grown terrorism.

Ms Coninsx participated in the panel, Strengthening the Internal Resilience of the EU against Terrorist Threats. Her intervention focused on the importance of the judicial dimension in the fight against terrorism and on Eurojust’s central role in facilitating an effective and coordinated judicial response to Member States’ terror threats. Ms Coninsx stressed the need for a cross-disciplinary approach, meaning that judicial, law enforcement and intelligence authorities closely work together nationally and across borders.

Over the past three years, Eurojust has seen its terrorism caseload rise, from 14 cases in 2014 to 41 cases in 2015. Already, as of August 2016, Eurojust’s terrorism caseload stands at 37 cases.

The Egmont Royal Institute for International Relations is an independent think-tank based in Egmont Place, Brussels. From its pool of skilled internal researchers and expert guest specialists, Egmont formulates concrete, achievable policy advice along with analysis of key political events.