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Boris Pistorius, Minister of Interior and Sports of Lower Saxony, visits Eurojust


Boris Pistorius, the Minister of Interior and Sports of Lower Saxony, visited Eurojust yesterday. He met the President of Eurojust, Michèle Coninsx, and the National Member for Germany, Klaus Meyer-Cabri.

The in-depth exchange with the President focused mainly on the fight against terrorism, including foreign fighters. Minister Pistorius and Ms Coninsx emphasized that fighting terrorism successfully requires strong and enhanced European and international cooperation on the level of public prosecution. Eurojust provides support in judicial coordination in a most efficient fashion and ensures a vital element for the internal security of the European Union and its Member States.




Trained as a lawyer, Minister Pistorius was appointed Minister of Interior and Sports in February 2013. Before his appointment, he served as the Mayor of Osnabrück which is known – like the city of The Hague - as the city of Peace due to its role in the Peace Treaty of Westphalia.