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Lithuanian marketing seminar


A Eurojust marketing seminar was held in Vilnius, Lithuania, on 19 May. The seminar was opened by Mr Evaldas Pašilis, Prosecutor General of the Republic of Lithuania, and chaired by Ms Laima Čekelienė, National Member for Lithuania at Eurojust.

The seminar covered a wide range of topics concerning Eurojust’s mission, such as terrorism, judicial cooperation, asset freezing and cybercrime. The seminar placed special emphasis on the development of the Eurojust National Coordination System (ENCS) with Lithuania.

Ms Michèle Coninsx, President of Eurojust, discussed the challenges facing Eurojust in coordinating the work of the Member States in combating illegal immigrant smuggling and terrorism, notably issues surrounding the translation of non-Member State languages used by smugglers, obtaining evidence from conflict zones in terrorism cases, and the complexities surrounding the use of electronic evidence.

Mr Ladislav Hamran, Vice-President of Eurojust and National Member for Slovakia, spoke about Eurojust’s role in the confiscation of the proceeds of crime. Mr Klaus Meyer-Cabri, National Member for Germany, discussed Eurojust’s importance in supporting the work of national public prosecutors. Ms Maria Poza Cisneros, Deputy to the National Member for Spain, spoke about mutual recognition and coordination instruments. Mr. Koen Hermans, Assistant to the National Member for the Netherlands, made a presentation on cybercrime.

On 20 May, Ms Coninsx met with H.E. Mr Juozas Bernatonis, the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania.


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