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Eurojust and the European Public Prosecutor



​On 15 February, Eurojust was invited by the Dutch Council Presidency to the meeting of the Council Working Party on cooperation in criminal matters to present its views on the relationship between the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) and Eurojust.
Eurojust was asked to contribute to the negotiations based on its experience and expertise in strengthening judicial cooperation between the Member States, including in the area of crimes affecting the financial interests of the EU. The President of Eurojust, Ms Michèle Coninsx, highlighted the importance of close cooperation between Eurojust and the future EPPO in operational as well as administrative matters as the raison d'être of the ‘from Eurojust’ requirement of Article 86 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) .

Ms Coninsx underlined that in a separate but interdependent set-up of the EPPO in relation to Eurojust, the establishment of sufficient and clearly defined links at the outset by the EU institutions is essential to ensure effective and efficient work in practice. Compatible provisions in both Regulations are essential for legal certainty and consistency and will help to realise the full potential of Eurojust and the EPPO

To ensure judicial coordination from the outset of investigations and prosecutions, Eurojust and the EPPO should inform each other of relevant cases. Eurojust can offer broad support in relation to mutual legal assistance requests and decisions – its core business.
Eurojust is available to contribute to the future EPPO in its specific mandate and is committed to its continued support of the Member States in the fight against serious organised crime. 

  • On 17 July 2013, the European Commission issued two legislative proposals on the basis of Articles 85 and 86 TFEU. The proposal for a Regulation on Eurojust seeks to improve its governance and accountability framework and, ultimately, to strengthen the operational work of Eurojust in the fight against cross-border crime. The European Commission further issued a Proposal for a Regulation on the establishment of a European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO),  a novel European actor that would specifically investigate, prosecute and bring to judgement perpetrators of crimes affecting the financial interests of the EU (so-called PIF crimes). 
  • Negotiations on the Regulations in the Council and European Parliament are ongoing.

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