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Eurojust updates LIBE Committee on criminal justice response to foreign terrorist fighters


​Today, the President of Eurojust, Ms Michèle Coninsx, was invited to give an update on the criminal justice response to foreign terrorist fighters to the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs of the European Parliament (LIBE Committee) and to exchange views on the phenomenon and the actions needed to reinforce the effectiveness of investigations, prosecutions and judicial cooperation with the support of Eurojust.

Ms Coninsx thanked the LIBE Committee for its continued interest in the operational, tactical and strategic experience of Eurojust in this area. The phenomenon of foreign terrorist fighters continues to evolve as a serious and unprecedented threat, the number of investigations increases, and national competent authorities are more frequently faced with complex legal and practical issues.

Ms Coninsx emphasized the need for increased information exchange between Member States and with the relevant EU agencies and for optimal use of existing EU platforms and services, including the network of national correspondents for Eurojust for terrorism matters.

The President underlined at the same time the importance of ensuring that information shared can be used as evidence to reach convictions. Ms Coninsx highlighted the added value of the operational support provided by Eurojust to the Member States’ investigations and prosecutions to successfully cooperate and bring terrorists to justice. She also made references to best practice and lessons learned from convictions on terrorist offences analysed and shared by Eurojust with practitioners by means of the Terrorism Convictions Monitor. The judicial dimension of de-radicalisation is equally important and Eurojust is monitoring the developments in the Member States in this area.

Ms Coninsx concluded: ‘We pay tribute to all victims of terrorism worldwide and because of them we shall be motivated to work hard to bring the perpetrators to justice and help in preventing new terrorist attacks. The phenomenon of foreign fighters is complex and dynamic and cannot be fixed in a simple way, and as one simple solution. It definitely requires a common, comprehensive approach and the judiciary is part of this approach’.

A first exchange of views on the subject took place on 5 February 2015.

The hearing was streamed live and moderated by Mr Claude Moraes, the Chair of the LIBE Committee.


 An interview with Ms Coninsx was conducted after the hearing on Europarltv.



European Agenda on Security.

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