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Eurojust press briefing at the Council of the European Union


​​On 28 February, Eurojust gave a scheduled press briefing in the Council of the EU's Press Centre in Brussels on the EU policy cycle, its judicial dimension and the role of Eurojust.

Eurojust’s press briefing included presentations on its work, delivered by Ms Michèle Coninsx, President of Eurojust and National Member for Belgium, and Ms Alinde Verhaag, Head of the Case Analysis Unit. This briefing forms part of an effort by Eurojust to provide greater insight into its activities and achievements in supporting and strengthening coordination and cooperation between national investigating and prosecuting authorities of the Member States when dealing with serious cross-border crime. 

The key messages presented were:

Trafficking in human beings (THB), drug trafficking and other forms of serious crime cannot be discussed in isolation. Rather than looking at crime at local, national, or even regional level, an EU-wide approach - involving Eurojust - is necessary.
Involving Eurojust at an early stage helps to guarantee success: joining judicial and police efforts from the onset of a case is crucial to ensuring judicial follow-up. 
Serious crime cannot be fought by focusing only on the European Union: crime knows no borders, making the cooperation agreements concluded by Eurojust essential to the fight against serious cross-border crime at global level.
Eurojust has been actively engaged in the EU policy cycle: the current cycle runs from 2014 to 2017 with nine priority crime types (illegal immigration, THB, counterfeit goods, excise fraud and MTIC fraud, trafficking in synthetic drugs, trafficking in cocaine and heroin, cybercrime, firearms and mobile organised crime groups). Of the cases managed by Eurojust in 2013, 71 per cent fell within the aforementioned nine crime types. 

Joint investigation teams (JITs) are an important element of the EU policy cycle: JITs provide a very important platform for European-wide cooperation and coordination in tackling serious cross-border crime. In 2014, 102 JITs were supported by Eurojust, while 34 were funded. Eurojust provides legal, technical and financial support to JITs. 
Eurojust’s annual strategic meetings on counter-terrorism bring together national correspondents on terrorism of the EU to discuss and develop progress at EU level. 
For more information, to request a PDF of the presentations or to make arrangements to interview either of the speakers, please contact:

Ms Leen de Zutter, Press & PR Service, Eurojust, at