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Eurojust’s President becomes Baroness


In a ceremony yesterday in the Royal Palace in Brussels, Ms Michele Coninsx, the President of Eurojust, had the title of Baroness conferred on her by King Philippe I of Belgium. The title was given by Royal Decree of 8 July 2013 in recognition of Ms Coninsx's years of service to Belgium and to Eurojust.

As National Member for Belgium at Eurojust, Ms Coninsx represents her country in a body of 28 Member States responsible for judicial coordination.

Ms Coninsx also chairs Eurojust’s Counter-Terrorism Team, a centre of expertise on terrorism and one of 10 teams Eurojust has established to address specific areas of its work. A recognised expert on counter-terrorism matters, Ms Coninsx was responsible for anti-terrorism relating to aircraft sabotage and hijacking for the International Civil Aviation Organisation for several years.

The regulations for the bestowing of a noble title upon a Belgian citizen fall within the jurisdiction of a special advisory committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, composed of 12 people, half of whom are French-speaking and half of whom are Dutch-speaking. Each year, a list is drawn up of approximately 100 people of special merit in society: academics, arts, literature, the judiciary, entrepreneurs, businessmen, social work, sport, etc. From this list, 15 persons were selected this year.


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