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Eurojust’s added value in the fight against organised crime, fraud and terrorism


Ms Coninsx visits the Dutch Parliament

The President of Eurojust, Ms Michèle Coninsx, was invited to address the Committee of Freedom and Justice of the Dutch House of Representatives at a technical briefing on 5 February.

Ms Coninsx outlined Eurojust’s role, activities and recent developments, stressing the uniqueness of Eurojust as a permanent body that supports the Member States through coordination and facilitation of MLA requests. One of the keys to Eurojust’s success is the relationship of trust it has established with the national authorities.

The President explained Eurojust’s external network, and introduced its publications as well as its future developments. The revised Council Decision of 2008 has made Eurojust more operational. The proposal for a regulation introduces a new governance structure and envisions a more proactive approach by Eurojust.

This proposal has been published together with the proposal on the EPPO. Ms Coninsx underlined that the relationship between the EPPO and Eurojust will be positive and complementary due to the EPPO’s focus on vertical tasks (decision, prosecution and judgement), whereas Eurojust’s focus is on horizontal tasks that allow it to be the main player in judicial cooperation across the Member States. If established, Eurojust will be able to provide administrative and functional support, but some basic questions remain unanswered.

Ms Coninsx described the Commission’s Proposal for a Regulation on Eurojust of July 2013 – to provide Eurojust with a more proactive role in supporting national authorities - as a constructive step forward. The reform of Eurojust’s governance structure should ultimately be geared towards enhancing Eurojust’s operational capabilities. The involvement of the European Parliament and national parliaments in the democratic oversight of Eurojust’s activities was welcomed.

A round of questions and answers followed the briefing. The dialogue will be continued.