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JITs Funding for 2014


In 2014, Eurojust will provide financial and logistical support to JITs activities by way of action grants. A total amount of € 650,000 will be allocated to this programme. The timetable of JITS funding – which is designed to fit operational needs and to facilitate planning throughout the year - is the following:

  • Eight calls for proposals will be launched during the year (approximately one new time slot will be opened every 45 days).
  • The standard duration of the action period will be three months, beginning either on the 1st day or the 15th day of the relevant calendar month.
  • “Rolling” action periods: a JIT having received funding in the framework of a call for proposals in 2014 cannot apply for the immediate subsequent one. For more details, please click here.
  • Claims for reimbursement have to be submitted within one month after the ending date of the action period.

To view the full planning of JITS funding for 2014 resulting from this, please click here.

To view the JITs grant work programme for 2014, please click here.