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Eurojust and COVID-19

#EuropeansAgainstCOVID19 on #EuropeDay

“While civil society and governments move closer together in this time of crisis, criminal organisations have no hesitation in abusing the current COVID-19 pandemic. The explosion in the need for face masks has led to major cross-border fraud cases, with fake sales on the rise. However, no criminal organisation should feel safe in believing it can hide behind borders. In this challenging time, we at the German Office at Eurojust, with the help of our colleagues from other national offices, are taking measures in tackling COVID-19 related crimes and other type of crimes. Acting efficiently and rapidly, we work with national prosecutors so that joint actions across the EU take place and criminals are stopped from their wrongdoings. We have extensive experience in adapting to difficult circumstances and providing needed support on a 24/7 basis.”

Klaus Meyer-Cabri, National Member for Germany at Eurojust

“We miss meeting colleagues from all over Europe for efficient and fruitful meetings, but have learnt to use video conferences in almost all kinds of meetings. It has become even more important to develop and use secure conference systems to guarantee safety for all kinds of information. Sweden has organised several coordination meetings via secure video link, including on drug trafficking, which led to development of parallel investigations in five EU countries.”

Solveig Wollstad, National Member for Sweden at Eurojust

“At the Czech Desk at Eurojust, we have been confronted with a cybercrime attack case during this COVID-19 pandemic. Eurojust demonstrated full operational support even in the state of emergency declared in the Czech Republic. Secure communication between Eurojust and Member States’ judicial authorities facilitated a swift transmission of the urgent requests for assistance and expedited their execution. This enabled the authorities requested to collect the evidence needed.”

Lukáš Starý, National Member for Czech Republic at Eurojust