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European Judicial Network

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​The European Judicial Network is a network of national contact points designated by each Member State among central authorities in charge of international judicial cooperation, judicial authorities and other competent authorities. Its purpose is to improve, facilitate and speed up international judicial cooperation and ensure the proper execution of mutual legal assistance and mutual recognition requests, thus providing the appropriate assistance to local authorities involved, and giving effectiveness to the principle of direct contacts between competent judicial authorities.

The EJN Secretariat is responsible for the administration of the EJN and its website, representation of the EJN in close consultation and coordination with the Member State which holds the Presidency of the Council, identifying new areas where the EJN may be involved or focused on, and updating the EJN Contact Points on information in the field of international judicial cooperation.

One of the great achievements of the EJN was the creation of its website, which was conceived to provide practitioners with concise legal and practical information that can be used to support judicial cooperation within the European Union (e.g. how to identify the authority in another Member State that is competent to receive a mutual legal assistance request or a mutual recognition request, such as the European Arrest Warrant, as well as listing specific requirements of the request).

For more information, please visit the EJN Website.