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Public register

The Public Register of Eurojust contains references to and basic details of documents held by Eurojust. The list displays documents in reverse chronological order and is regularly updated. You can find more information on how to access Eurojust documents on this page.

The following codes are used to describe the subject of the documents:

• LEG – legal framework
• CRI – criminal matters
• EXT – external relations
• FIN – financial matters
• STA – staff matters
• ORG – organisational matters

2015-11 AD decision : On the reclassification exercise 2014decisionSTA10/07/2015
Eurojust decision :  On the general implementing provisions adopting the Guide to missions for Eurojust post holders and Members of the Joint Supervisory BodydecisionFIN30/06/2015
Strategic Guidelines for legislative and policy planning in the area of freedom, security and justicepublicationCRI27/06/2015
2015-13 AD decision : Decision adopting the Eurojust Competency FrameworkdecisionSTA19/06/2015
2015-12 AD decision : Decision of Eurojust on Corporate Services Unit staff performing stand-by dutiesdecisionSTA12/06/2015
2015-10 AD decision : Appointment of Persons for the Opening CommitteedecisionFIN10/06/2015
2015-09 AD decision : Decision on the organization of property inventoriesdecisionFIN03/06/2015
Eurojust News Issue 13 (June 2015) on the freezing and confiscation of the proceeds of crimepublicationCRI01/06/2015
Annual Report 2014reportCRI27/05/2015
2015-08 AD decision : Financing Decision regarding Individual Membership of the Association for Human Resources Management in International OrganizationsdecisionFIN26/05/2015
Third opinion of the Joint Supervisory Body of Eurojust about the data protection regime in the proposed Eurojust RegulationopinionLEG06/05/2015
2015-07 AD decision : On the retention rules for budget, finance and procurement documentsdecisionORG04/05/2015
2015-06 AD decision : Decision on the Registration Procedure for EU Classified Information (EUCI) at EurojustdecisionORG24/04/2015
Conclusions of the 18th meeting of the Genocide NetworkconclusionsCRI23/04/2015
2015-05 AD decisiondecisionSTA21/04/2015
2015-5 College Decision Implementing rules to Eurojust Financial RegulationdecisionFIN14/04/2015
2015-04 AD decision : On Information Management staff performing shift-work and stand-by dutiesdecisionSTA13/04/2015
2015-03 AD decision : Decision to appoint confidential counsellorsdecisionSTA13/04/2015
Eurojust Policy on the use of the Eurojust e-Recording SystemdecisionSTA27/03/2015
Highlights of the meeting of JSB permanent members of 03 March 2015reportLEG03/03/2015
Eurojust work programme 2015reportORG27/02/2015
JITs Funding Latest Call for ProposalspublicationFIN27/02/2015
JITs Funding Application FormpublicationFIN27/02/2015
JITs Funding 2015 - Main featurespublicationFIN27/02/2015
2015-02 AD decisiondecisionSTA19/02/2015
2015-01 AD decisiondecisionFIN03/02/2015
Implementation Report of the Action Plan on Drug TraffickingreportCRI16/01/2015
Implementation Report of the Action Plan on Drug Trafficking Addendum 2 - Judicial cooperation in cases involving precursors and NPSreportCRI16/01/2015
Implementation Report of the Action Plan on Drug Trafficking Addendum 3 - Cooperation with Third StatesreportCRI16/01/2015
Implementation Report of the Action Plan on Drug Trafficking Addendum 1 - Cross-border controlled deliveries from a judicial perspectivereportCRI16/01/2015
6th RME Report on PORTUGAL - DeclassifiedreportORG27/12/2014
2014-24 AD decisiondecisionFIN23/12/2014
Grants Planning for 2015publicationFIN17/12/2014
Eurojust Grant Programme for 2015publicationFIN17/12/2014
Multi-Annual Strategic Plan 2016-2018 reportORG16/12/2014
European Network for investigation and prosecution of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimespublicationCRI16/12/2014
Corrigendum to the final report on the sixth round of mutual evaluationsreportORG12/12/2014
Report and conclusions of the Consultative Forum meeting of 12 December 2014reportCRI12/12/2014
Strategic Seminar on Freezing and Confiscation of the Proceeds of CrimereportCRI11/12/2014
Final report on the sixth round of mutual evaluationsreportORG02/12/2014
6th RME Report on LUXEMBOURG - DeclassifiedreportORG01/12/2014
6th RME Report on CROATIA - DeclassifiedreportORG27/11/2014
Memorandum of Understanding between Eurojust and the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights agreementEXT24/11/2014
Report of the strategic meeting on cybercrimereportCRI20/11/2014
6th RME Report on CYPRUSreportORG13/11/2014
6th RME Report on GREECEreportORG13/11/2014
6th RME Report on IRELANDreportORG13/11/2014
Highlights of the meeting of JSB permanent members of 13 November 2014reportLEG13/11/2014
2014-23 AD decisiondecisionFIN11/11/2014
Strategy of the EU Genocide Network (November 2014)reportCRI01/11/2014
Implementation of the Eurojust Action Plan against THB 2012-2016 (Mid-term report)reportCRI01/11/2014
Strategic Project on Environmental Crime - ReportreportCRI01/11/2014
Court of Auditors report 2014reportFIN31/10/2014
Conclusions of the 17th meeting of the Genocide NetworkconclusionsCRI31/10/2014
6th RME Report on BULGARIA - Declassified (26 September 2014) reportORG26/10/2014
2014-22 AD decisiondecisionFIN17/10/2014
Outcome report of the meeting with EJ Contact Points and Liaison MagistratesreportCRI16/10/2014
Court of Auditors report 2013reportFIN10/10/2014
6th RME Report on SPAIN - Declassified (9 October 2014) reportORG09/10/2014
Financial Identification FormspublicationFIN01/10/2014
JITs Funding Application Form 2014-7publicationFIN01/10/2014
JITs Funding Call for Proposals 2014-7publicationFIN01/10/2014
Quick Guide to JITs Funding Procedure for 2014publicationFIN01/10/2014
Outcome report of the strategic meeting on drug traffickingreportCRI30/09/2014
Eurojust decision : on the adoption by analogy of certain Implementing Rules to the Staff RegulationsdecisionSTA29/09/2014
EL Presidency - Report and conclusions of CF meeting of 11-06-2014 (13581-14)reportCRI24/09/2014
2014-19 AD decisiondecisionORG09/09/2014
2014-20 AD decisiondecisionORG09/09/2014
Strategic Seminar on the European Arrest Warrant and 7th Meeting of the Consultative Forum, June 2014 reportCRI05/09/2014
2014-21 AD decisiondecisionSTA01/09/2014
Eurojust News Issue 12 (September 2014) on the European Arrest WarrantpublicationCRI01/09/2014
2014-18 AD decision : on organisation of EurojustdecisionORG07/08/2014
6th RME Report on CZECH REPUBLIC - Declassified (29 July 2014)reportORG29/07/2014
6th RME Report on ROMANIA - Declassified (29 July 2014)reportORG29/07/2014
6th RME Report on SLOVENIA - Declassified (29 July 2014) reportORG29/07/2014
2014-17 AD decision : on the assignment of duties (Article 7(1) of the Staff Regulations)decisionSTA21/07/2014
2014-16 AD decision : on the application of Article 2(4) of Annex VIIdecisionSTA16/07/2014
Memorandum of Understanding between Eurojust and the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (2014)agreementEXT15/07/2014
2014-15 AD decision : to delegate the right to decide on minor exceptions concerning the implementation of financial assistance to Joint Investigation TeamsdecisionORG10/07/2014
Agreement on cooperation between Eurojust and the Republic of Moldova (2014)agreementEXT10/07/2014
2013 Activity Report of the Joint Supervisory BodyreportLEG08/07/2014
Reimbursement Claim and Reporting Form (updated 04-07-2014)publicationFIN04/07/2014
Conclusions of the 10th Meeting of JITs ExpertsconclusionsCRI26/06/2014
Opinion the Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation between Eurojust and the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) (2014)opinionLEG19/06/2014
2014-14 AD decision : on internal mobility within EurojustdecisionSTA11/06/2014
Council Conclusions on the Eurojust Annual Report 2013conclusionsORG02/06/2014


Notifications to Eurojust of breaches of time limits in the execution of European Arrest WarrantsreportCRI26/05/2014
2014-13 AD decisiondecisionORG23/05/2014
6th RME Report on LATVIA - Declassified (23 May 2014)reportORG23/05/2014
Conclusions of the 16th meeting of the Genocide NetworkconclusionsCRI22/05/2014
Final Accounts 2013decisionFIN15/05/2014
2014-12 AD decision : amending Decision AD 2010-12 on the Organisation of Procurement at EurojustdecisionFIN14/05/2014
EJN-EUROJUST paper on judicial cooperation in criminal matterspublicationCRI01/05/2014
2014-10 AD decision : on reclassification 2013decisionSTA16/04/2014
2014-11 AD decision : on reporting lines to the Head of Operational SupportdecisionORG16/04/2014
2014-9 AD decision : Application of Article 2(4) of Annex VII of the Staff RegulationsdecisionSTA10/04/2014
Eurojust Strategic Seminar on Cross-border Excise Fraud, November 2013reportCRI08/04/2014
LT Presidency - Conclusions of CF meeting of 13-12-2013 (Council document 8617-14)reportCRI08/04/2014
6th RME Report on UK - Declassified (1 April 2014)reportORG01/04/2014
Eurojust budget 2014decisionFIN28/03/2014
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