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Testimonials from 2019

Talitha Ramphal – Dutch Desk
My name is Talitha Ramphal, I am an intern at the Dutch Desk. It is difficult to describe one day of work at Eurojust, since it is unlikely that the day will be the same as the day before. You have the opportunity to deal with various transnational criminal cases, e.g, you could deal with a small case to improve the execution of a European Arrest Warrant or you could be present at a coordination meeting of a large transnational case. In addition, the cooperation could take place between different States and, therefore, in many cases you will learn something new about the legal systems of other States, the means of cooperation in various cases and how to deal with different European cultures. Therefore, this internship provided me a new set of skills that I can use in my future jobs.


Klimentina Radkova – JITs
For me, Eurojust was the perfect introduction to the professional world. As an aspiring legal professional, it has been a wonderful experience to work with people whose careers are something to look up to and learn so much from. Along with that, those same people create such a friendly and supportive working environment and are always willing to share their knowledge. For these reasons, my experience at Eurojust has been an extremely valuable one and one I would definitely recommend to others in my position.


Tatiana Negurita – Italian Desk
Having studied European Law, I decided to do an internship at Eurojust’s Italian National Desk, to complement my academic and professional careers. Since September 2018, through active participation in coordination meetings and operational cases on criminal organisations, I successfully learned about international cooperation in preventing transnational criminal groups from operating and the instruments used to fight organised crime. I really like the work environment of Eurojust, which is multi-cultural and multi-linguistic, hence contributing to the development of principles and values such as mutual understanding, trust and above all tolerance. I believe the diversity of the Agency is actually its strength.


Diana Barbosa – Corporate Communications
I am so grateful that I have been given the opportunity to work at Eurojust. It is an extraordinary organisation that taught me countless lessons and where people feel that they contribute to justice in Europe. I did my internship at the Corporate Communications Unit, where I felt part of a team and where my work mattered and created an impact. I earned a Master’s in International Public Management and Policy, but due to this experience, I found my dream career: communications. So the best advice I can give you as a candidate is to be unafraid and apply, it is totally worth it!


Laura Losada– Operations
Working at Eurojust is a valuable and challenging experience which I definitely recommend, especially for those who like working in an international environment. You will get to know people from different corners of Europe. Eurojust has provided me with the opportunity to enrich my professional career and to get a practical perspective on the core business of an EU agency by giving me the chance to gain insight into the functioning and day-to-day work. It has also helped me to better understand the importance of judicial cooperation among Member States and its major contribution to the fight against terrorism and serious organised crime.


Marta Lopes – Events and Portuguese Desk
Being an International Relations graduate, interning at a judicial institution such as Eurojust might not immediately come to mind. Nevertheless, I could not have asked for a better introduction to professional work on an international scale. My time at Events has allowed me to interact with people from various nationalities as well as develop crucial organisational, administrative and statistical skills. Furthermore, the second part of my internship at the Portuguese Desk introduced me to how cases are pursued and dealt with. All in all, regardless of your background, I would definitely recommend an internship here at Eurojust.