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Composition and tasks

The JSB ceased functioning as of 12 December 2019, with the start of application of the Eurojust Regulation.

Tasks of the JSB

The JSB is established by Article 23 of the Eurojust Decision to collectively monitor Eurojust's activities involving the processing of personal data and to ensure that they are carried out in accordance with the Eurojust Decision.

In order to fulfil these tasks, the JSB has full access to all files where such personal data are processed. Eurojust shall provide the JSB with all information from such files that it requests and shall assist that body in its tasks by every other means.

The JSB is a redress instance for the Eurojust Data Protection Officer (DPO) in cases where non-compliance was found and the College has not resolved the non-compliance of the processing within a reasonable time.

The JSB examines appeals submitted to it in accordance with Articles 19(8) and 20(2) of the Eurojust Decision and carries out controls. If the JSB considers that a decision taken by Eurojust or the processing of data by it is not compatible with the Eurojust Decision, the matter shall be referred to Eurojust, which shall accept the decision of the JSB. Decisions of the JSB shall be final and binding on Eurojust.

The JSB also provides its obligatory opinion concerning the provisions on data protection in agreements or working arrangements with EU bodies or co-operation agreements with third States.