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Deputy National Members

Jean-Pascal Thoreau joined Eurojust as the Deputy to the National Member for Belgium in April 2017. He was in charge of the Serious Fraud Department of the Office of the Crown Prosecutor in Brussels before becoming a Federal Magistrate in 2004. Mr Thoreau is a former member of the High Council for Justice, responsible for appointing prosecutors and judges and assessing the Belgian courts. As Supervisor of the Belgian Anti-Bribery Office, Mr Thoreau dealt with European fraud cases in cooperation with OLAF before joining Eurojust.

Victor Tartchev is the Deputy National Member for Bulgaria. He has been working as a public prosecutor since 2007, when he joined the Sofia Regional Prosecutors' Office. Specialised in cases involving EU fraud, economic and financial crime, Mr Tartchev led some of the most complex and high-profile prosecutions in the region. Having been promoted to a higher position, in 2016 he moved to the Sofia City Prosecutors' Office, which specialises in international cooperation in criminal matters as well as in drug and sexual offences, aggravated robbery, and murder. From 2018 to 2019, prior to his appointment at Eurojust, Mr Tartchev was seconded to the European Court of Human Rights. Since 2010, Mr Tartchev has been a member of the National Prosecutors' Network of Bulgaria, which is linked to the EJN. He has also been an EJN Tools Correspondent since 2016, an IAP contact person since 2013, and was a former member of the managing board of the Association of Prosecutors in Bulgaria from 2013 to 2016, as well as a guest lecturer at the National Institute of Justice in Bulgaria.

Anna Richterová was appointed Deputy National Member for the Czech Republic in October 2008. She has 20 years experience in the judiciary as a prosecutor. Between 1987 and 1999 she worked as prosecutor with the District and, subsequently, Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Prague. After 1999, she worked as a trial attorney and later as a senior trial attorney at the International Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague. She currently works as a prosecutor in the international department of the Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Gabriele Launhardt is Deputy National Member for Germany.

Eve Olesk is Deputy National Member for Estonia.

Jarlath Spellman has served as Deputy National Member for Ireland since 2009. He is a Professional Officer in the Directing Division of the Office of Director of Public Prosecutions since 2001. Mr Spellman was the National Member for Ireland at Eurojust from September 2004 until August 2009.

Nikolaos Paschalis is Deputy National Member for Greece since November 2013. Following his law degree from Athens University, Mr Paschalis obtained an LLM from Edinburgh University and returned to Greece where he studied at the National School of Judges. Since his graduation in 2003, he served as a Deputy Prosecutor of First Instance for the Ministry of Justice of the Hellenic Republic in the Courts of Athens, Thiva and Piraeus. Prior to joining Eurojust, he was assigned to the Criminal Prosecution Department at the Court of Piraeus, where he dealt mainly with cases of corruption and financial crime.

Panagiotis Maniatis was appointed Deputy National Member for Greece in September 2017.

Una Brenča is Deputy to the National Member for Latvia. Stationed in Latvia, Mr Brenča is an experienced prosecutor currently working as the Head Prosecutor of the International Cooperation Division of the Department of Analysis and Management of the Prosecutor General's Office. She was appointed Deputy in July 2017.

Tomas Krušna was appointed Deputy National Member for Lithuania at Eurojust in 2011. He had previously held the post of National Member for Lithuania at Eurojust (2006-2008). After obtaining his law degree at Vilnius University, Tomas’ career as a public prosecutor began in 1998, serving in the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Lithuania until 2008. He moved to the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) in 2008, working as a Legal Adviser in the Judicial and Legal Advice Unit, returning to the Prosecutor General’s Office in 2011, where he now serves as a Deputy Chief Prosecutor in the Criminal Prosecutions Department.

Zoltán Péter is Deputy National Member for Hungary.

Elaine Mercieca was appointed Deputy National Member for Malta in July 2017.

Jolien Kuitert is Deputy National Member for the Netherlands. Ms Kuitert is a senior Public Prosecutor specialised in cross-border cooperation and combating international organised crime. She has been working as coordinating Public Prosecutor for the former Netherlands Antilles and Surinam for more than 10 years. In 2003, Ms Kuitert served as occasional replacement for the Dutch National Member. Since 2008, she has served as Deputy National Member for the Netherlands. Ms Kuitert is one of the Dutch Contact Points for the European Judicial Network. As a guest lecturer in international criminal law, she is able to pass her experience and enthusiasm for her work on to colleagues and students.

Michael Schmid was appointed Deputy National Member for Austria in September 2017.

Grażyna Stronikowska was appointed Deputy National Member for Poland in December 2013.

José Eduardo Moreira Alves de Oliveira Guerra was appointed Deputy to the National Member for Portugal on 1 May 2012. Mr Guerra has served as a prosecutor since 1 October 1985 at various levels of the Portuguese Public Prosecution Service. Mr Guerra originally joined Eurojust in October 2007, as Seconded National Expert.

Dan Alexandru Popa took up duties as Deputy to the National Member for Romania on 11 November 2019. Mr Popa is a prosecutor with more than 12 years of experience. He has worked for the last six years in the Romanian Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism, dealing with cases involving – among others – serious organised crime, tax evasion, money laundering, THB, cybercrime and drug trafficking. Mr Popa also gained practical experience in the judicial cooperation area, due to extensive use of various mutual legal assistance instruments.

Mário Ernest was appointed Deputy to the National Member for the Slovak Republic in December 2016.

Ritva Sahavirta is Deputy National Member for Finland. She worked as National Member for Finland from August 2008 until July 2011. Prior to her appointments at Eurojust, Ms Sahavirta worked as a State Prosecutor for 10 years in the Office of the Prosecutor General in Helsinki specialising in financial crimes. Her special interest is in tax fraud and money laundering cases. Before she was appointed State Prosecutor, she worked as a District Prosecutor for four years and served in the Tax Administration for several years. Ms Sahavirta is currently acting Head of the Steering and Development Unit in the Office of the General Prosecutor.

Anne-Christine Maderud is Deputy National Member for Sweden since March 2016.