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College of Eurojust

The Eurojust College is formed of the National Members, one from each of the EU Member States (with the exception of Denmark, which by virtue of Protocol No 22 is not bound by the Eurojust Regulation as of 12 December 2019), who include judges, prosecutors or other judicial professionals of equivalent competence.

When exercising its management functions, the College also comprises a representative of the European Commission, which also has a seat in Eurojust’s Executive Board.

The College is overseen by Eurojust’s President, who is elected for a term of office of four years, with a term limit of two terms. Two Vice- Presidents assist the President in exercising his/her functions. They are also elected for a term of office of four years, with a term limit of two terms.

College meetings and voting procedures

In carrying out its tasks, the College holds regular meetings to discuss and vote on Eurojust’s activities and other relevant issues.

During College meetings, unless stated otherwise, and where a consensus cannot be reached, the College takes its decisions by a majority of its members. Each Member of the College has one vote, which passes to their deputy in their absence.

In addition to the National Members and Commission representative, College meetings are also attended by Eurojust’s Administrative Director, who does not have voting rights. Further, the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) may also participate, without the right to vote, in meetings which are of relevance to its tasks, while other parties whose opinion may be of interest to Eurojust may be invited to specific meetings as observers.