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Eurojust core business

Coordinating the fight against crime
Eurojust helps prosecutors and judicial authorities to solve some of Europe’s most serious and complex crimes. Eurojust’s work enables EU Member States to define common strategies, and to build synergies that drive concrete operational results.

Crime areas Eurojust deals with
Cybercrime. 21st-century cybercrime comes in many different forms, often overlapping with other crime types, including fraud, terrorism, and drug and human trafficking. Eurojust also works to combat specific forms of online crime, such as bank phishing scams.

Drug trafficking. Eurojust plays a key role in dismantling drug trafficking networks and bringing perpetrators to justice. As coordinators of anti-drug operations, we help authorities on the ground to detect and seize illegal substances.

Financial crime. This broad, complex crime area accounts for a large proportion of Eurojust’s casework. Financial crime covers swindling and fraud, money laundering, forgery of money, corruption, PIF crimes, illegal trading, and racketeering and extortion.

Migrant smuggling. Migrant smuggling is a crime against the integrity of European borders, and often puts individuals at great risk. Investigations are often multi-faceted and complex, ranging from sham marriages to large, organised crime groups operating across several countries.

Terrorism. Eurojust experts coordinate numerous cross-border terrorism investigations. Eurojust’s work also extends to related areas, such as supporting prosecutors in building solid cases against foreign terrorist fighters and cracking down on extremist propaganda.

Trafficking in human beings. This is a highly serious crime type that includes forced labour and child trafficking and involves severe exploitation and violation of fundamental human rights around the world.

Eurojust also deals with:

  • other forms of organised crime,
  • crime connected with nuclear and radioactive substances,
  • motor vehicle crime,
  • murder and grievous bodily injury,
  • illicit trade in human organs and tissue,
  • kidnapping, illegal restraint and hostage taking,
  • racism and xenophobia,
  • robbery and aggravated theft,
  • illicit trafficking in cultural goods, including antiquities and works of art,
  • insider dealing and financial market manipulation,
  • racketeering and extortion,
  • counterfeiting and product piracy,
  • forgery of administrative documents and trafficking therein,
  • illicit trafficking in arms, ammunition and explosives,
  • illicit trafficking in endangered animal species, endangered plant species and varieties,
  • environmental crime, including ship source pollution,
  • illicit trafficking in hormonal substances and other growth promoters,
  • sexual abuse and sexual exploitation, including child abuse material and solicitation of children for sexual purposes,
  • genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

In addition, Eurojust may assist in other crimes based on a request from a Member State.