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Eurojust and EJN

The close cooperation between Eurojust and the EJN is mentioned in the Lisbon Treaty (Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, Article 85.1).

Two mirror provisions in the Council Decision on Eurojust (Article 25a) and in the Council Decision on the European Judicial Network (Article 10) require that Eurojust and the European Judicial Network maintain privileged relations with each other, based on consultation and complementarity.

Moreover, in accordance with the provisions of Article 25a of the Eurojust Decision, the Eurojust National Members shall, on a case-by-case basis, inform the EJN Contact Points of all cases which they consider to be in a better position to deal with. The equivalent obligation for the EJN Contact Points can be found in Article 10(b) of the EJN Decision.

It should also be mentioned that the EJN National Correspondent and other EJN Contact Points are part, in each Member State, of the Eurojust National Coordination Systems (ENCS) (Article 12 of the Eurojust Decision).

With the adoption in 2008 of the ‘new’ Eurojust Decision and EJN Decision, Eurojust and the EJN found several ways to further strengthen their privileged relations. One example is to mutually participate in the each other’s meetings.

An important achievement is the Joint Eurojust-EJN Paper, Assistance in international cooperation in criminal matters for practitioners. European Judicial Network and Eurojust. What can we do for you? This document explains, in a practical manner, the respective assistance that Eurojust and the EJN offer to national authorities when dealing with international cooperation in criminal matters. The Joint Paper was revised in 2018 (translations are available here).

As a follow-up to the Council Sixth Round of Mutual Evaluations, Eurojust and the EJN are working closely together to implement the recommendations of common interest addressed to them. An action plan has been developed to ensure coordination and synergies between Eurojust and the EJN.

For more details about the European Judicial Network, please consult the EJN website. In addition to specific information to the EJN Contact Points and other useful information for national authorities in general, the EJN website also contains several practical electronic tools to facilitate international judicial cooperation in criminal matters, as briefly described here.