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Operational and strategic activities

Eurojust Coordination Centres

The tool to set up a coordination centre within Eurojust was developed in 2011 to coordinate simultaneous operations between judicial, police and, if need be, customs authorities. In many regular Eurojust coordination meetings, national authorities reach agreement on conducting joint actions and the setting up of a Eurojust coordination centre.

Coordination centres provide a unique opportunity for the real-time exchange of information and centralised coordination of the simultaneous execution of, inter alia, arrest warrants and searches and seizures in different States. Coordination centres expedite the timely transmission of additional information that is urgently needed to execute such measures and newly issued MLA requests.

The growing number of coordination centres held each year demonstrates the growing popularity of this operational tool among domestic authorities and National Desks at Eurojust in the fight against cross-border crime in Europe. These joint operations, involving the national prosecutorial authorities, are further confirmation of the added value of Eurojust.

In addition to their inherent operational added value, coordination centres may also play a significant role in the development of the judicial dimension of a case, particularly in facilitating the anticipation and timely resolution of complex legal issues arising prior to and during common action days. Such issues include those stemming from the different domestic legal frameworks of confiscation and asset seizures or the procedural requirements set out at national level for the execution of EAWs.

Detailed press releases on all these cases can be found on this website.