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Joint Investigation Teams (JITs)

Role of Eurojust and Europol

In accordance with Article 1(12) of Council Framework Decision 2002/465/JHA on joint investigation teams, as well as the corresponding provisions in the 2000 MLA Convention, Eurojust and Europol can participate in JITs separately as well as jointly. Furthermore, Article 6 of the Cooperation Agreement between Eurojust and Europol enables both parties together, at the request of one or more Member States, to participate in the setting up of a JIT and to support national judicial and law enforcement authorities in the preliminary discussions concerning the setting up of JITs.

In practice, Eurojust’s support to JITs particularly entails:

  • assessing the suitability of a case for the establishment of a JIT;
  • assistance in drafting the JIT agreement;
  • legal and practical support throughout the lifetime of the JIT, including support to joint operations (coordination centres);
  • coordination of investigative and prosecutorial strategies;
  • settlement of jurisdiction; and
  • financial support (see dedicated page).

Europol’s support to JITs is established by Article 5 of the Europol Regulation.

For more information concerning the support provided by Eurojust and Europol to JITs, please consult Annex II of the JITs Practical Guide.