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Joint Investigation Teams (JITs)

JIT evaluation

As a follow-up to the 8th Annual Meeting of the National Experts on JITs (18-19 October 2012), the JITs Network Secretariat has supported the development of a form designed to assist practitioners in assessing the performance of JITs, including the results achieved and the legal issues and practical difficulties encountered. Following the adoption during the 9th Annual Meeting (27-28 June 2013) of a first version of the JIT Evaluation Form, an ‘interactive’ version was developed and made available to JIT practitioners in April 2014.

The JIT Evaluation Form is one of the deliverables of the JIT Evaluation Project.

The objectives of the JIT Evaluation Project are:

  • to enhance and improve the use and functioning of JITs in the Member States;
  • to create a ‘bank of knowledge’ on JITs through the systematic and centralised collection of evaluation data; and
  • to provide feedback on JITs to relevant actors and stakeholders.

Documents related to JIT evaluation are available in the relevant section of the Document Library.

JIT Evaluation Reports can be found in the JITs restricted area, a web platform managed by the JITs Network Secretariat to which EU judicial and law enforcement authorities can be granted access. To request access, please e-mail