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The Genocide Network

Activities of the Genocide Network

The Genocide Network and its Secretariat have produced expert papers on a number of topics, including the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)’s jurisprudence on core international crimes and on prosecution for war crimes of outrage upon personal dignity based on evidence from open sources. These reports are available under the Knowledge sharing tab.

The Genocide Network ensures close cooperation between national authorities by acting as a focal point for practitioners for sharing information, experience and ongoing case information. It also answers practical and legal questions regarding the investigation and prosecution of core international crimes.

The Genocide Network organises meetings twice each year which allow practitioners to exchange operational information, knowledge, problem-solving techniques and practical examples. The meetings are divided into two sessions:

  • an open session for all Genocide Network members and representatives from liaison organisations to exchange best practice, knowledge and experience on different topics relating to the investigation and prosecution of core international crimes; and
  • a closed session held solely for national contacts points and their counterparts from observer States to share confidential operational information on current investigations and allow for extradition requests relating to core international crimes.

The conclusions of previous Genocide Network meetings, outlining topics discussed and challenges faced, can be accessed here.

The Network Secretariat organises further ad hoc meetings upon request of one or more Member States concerning a specific case, situation or topic.

In addition to the above-mentioned activities, the Genocide Network works in cooperation with civil society organisations and international organisations, and serves as a platform of contacts between various actors.

Further, the Genocide Network works towards raising awareness of core international crimes and the European Union’s commitment to fighting impunity, for example by co-organising the EU Day against Impunity.

Moreover, the Genocide Network provides capacity building on core international crimes for judges, prosecutors, investigators, and mutual legal assistance officers on national and European levels, inter alia by organising training activities. More information on the training provided by the Genocide Network can be accessed here.